Crystaline Stone COUNTERTOPS

Natural marble and granite with original veins and textures

Natural marble and granite with original veins and textures which are treated with an Intercrystalline Technological Coloring Process. This technological Process generates a molecular fusion of the color and sealant with the crystalline structure of the rocks, and allows us to change the color of the crystals using some methods such as: heat, high pressure, vacuum etc. The physical characteristics of the material, such as traction, flexion and abrasion, are not altered in the process. The materials become HYDRO-OIL REPELLENT and superior to conventional marbles and granites. The color is complete, deep and permanent, becoming a new component of the rocks due to the molecular fusion between the colors and the stone’s crystals. This stones can be applied in all indoor ambiences (floor, covering and as decorative items); including wet areas (table tops for kitchens and bathrooms); we do not recommend the application of marble and granites in outdoor areas, as just like conventional marble and granite they are susceptible to damaging actions, such as permanent exposure to ultraviolet ray and bad weather, which would affect the stone appearance.


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Amethyst Quartz
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